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About The Book

A Unicorn in a World of Donkeys offers a playbook for living a creative and authentic life. Using her own story as a launching spot, and creative quizzes, charts, and lists to engage the reader in an interactive journey, Mia Michaels explores the experience of the unicorn in a world of donkeys, a world where fitting in, pleasing others, following rules, and maintaining norms-no matter how messed up those norms are-is the only acceptable path. She acknowledges the struggles of the unicorn life-loneliness, ridicule, being misunderstood and undervalued-and goes on encourage readers to reframe the unicorn life the way she has, as essential to a life of brilliance.

What Others Are Saying

One word describes Mia Michaels . . . FEARLESS! Everything she touches goes beyond expectations. Which says a lot because the expectations on her are always high. Working with her was such a highlight of my career because I’ve always been such a fan. That fearlessness is perfectly translated into this book. C’mon, it’s Mia, you already know that this book is going to be incredible before you even open the cover!”

- Matthew Morrison, TV Star of Glee, Actor, Dancer, and Singer-Songwriter

Mia embodies magic in her dance. It’s no wonder she now runs with unicorns. Young artists, buy this book!”

- Kristen Chenoweth, Tony-Winning Actress and Singer

Mia Michaels’s unique style, storytelling ability, and demand of excellence from her dancers makes her a standout in the field of choreography. She is a true, magical unicorn in a world of donkeys.”

- Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer and Judge, So You Think You Can Dance

Mia is a force of nature! She has an infectious energy that inspires you to want to create with her.”

- Heidi Klum, Model, TV Host, Producer, Fashion Designer